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Shop & Save Terms & Conditions


Agreement Details:

This Wholesale Agreement (the "Agreement"), is made by and between ONEgroup/Miessence, AND the ONEgroup/Miessence ‘Shop & Save ’wholesale customer(s).


The minimum order value must be over GBP £69.00 for the ‘Shop & Save’ wholesale price structure to be applied.


Wholesale discounted prices are available to all customer(s) that purchase from website uk.miessence.com

Pricing structure minimums per country


ONEgroup/Miessence do not supply product samples.


All 'Shop & Save' wholesale orders are to be placed via the Miessence website uk.miessence.com


Typically, ONEgroup/Miessence dispatch will ship orders within two(2) business days and occasionally the same day of receiving the customer(s) order. During a busy holiday season, it may take up to eight(8) business days but this is unusual. If the customer(s)require an order urgently, please contact the Miessence Customer Service Department via email support@miessence.com ONEgroup/Miessence dispatch department will exert extra effort to try to get the customer(s) order out sooner.


The customer will supply a physical shipping address, the courier will be determined by ONEgroup/Miessence based on geographical location.
Shipping costs are calculated at the time of placing an order and these costs are applied to the customer(s) shopping cart upon checkout. The customer(s) will receive a packing list with their order & a tracking number will be provided by email once the order has been received by the courier.
Post office box addresses will be accepted however the customer(s) will take full responsibility for lost or damaged products shipped this way.


The customer(s) must notify Miessence Customer Service Department via email at support@miessence.com of any shipping errors or goods damaged in transit within seven(7) days of delivery. The customer(s)will be issued with a credit coupon or sent a replacement product at no charge, the outcome will be determined by Miessence Customer Service Representative.
ONEgroup/Miessence accepts no liability for any loss resulting from the customer(s) failure to comply with the courier instructions or lack of diligence by the courier actioning the customer(s) delivery instructions. If the courier has to return the shipment to ONEgroup/Miessence, the customer(s) will be liable for all shipping charges and will be credited for all goods returned in a saleable condition less the return shipping charges.


ONEgroup/Miessence endeavours to try &have every listed item in stock. However, there may be unavoidable out-of-stocks. When an out-of-stock situation occurs,ONEgroup/Miessence do not back-order these items. The customer(s) will receive an email notification from Miessence Customer Service Department within two (2) business days of the order date offering the following:

1. Hold the entire customer order if the out-of-stock item is expected to return to stock within five(5) business days.
2. The order will be sent without the out-of-stock item(s) and the customer will be refunded or credited the out-of-stock value(s), outcome will be determined by the customer(s) preference.


ONEgroup/Miessence goods are guaranteed to satisfy the customer(s) sales expectations. In the event that the customer(s) wishes to return any ONEgroup/Miessence products, the products returned to ONEgroup/Miessence must be within thirty (30) days of the order delivery, must be in a saleable condition; unopened, unused, in original packaging and have 6 months or more from the expiry date.
If the product is received with the above return requirements a credit will be applied to the customer(s) account within five(5) business days of ONEgroup/Miessence receiving the goods. The customer(s) will be informed by Miessence Customer Service Department via email once the goods are received and a credit has been processed.
ONEgroup/Miessence accepts no liability for any loss resulting from the customer(s) returning the goods, should the goods be damaged during transit or fail to reach the ONEgroup/Miessence return shipping address the customer will incur the loss of the product of RRP value(s).


Payment is taken at the time of placing anorder via the Miessence website uk.miessence.com through a secure payment gateway - Shop Pay, Paypal or G Pay


ONEgroup/Miessence may give a customer(s) a coupon code for a credit of a product, this coupon is valid for 6 months after the date of issue.
ONEgroup/Miessence 'Shop & Save' wholesale customer(s) may receive promotional coupon codes for company campaigns however these coupon codes cannot be used on 'Shop & Save' wholesale orders.
ONEgroup/Miessence system will only allow one (1) discount per order therefore any coupons applied will be invalid or will remove the wholesale price structure.
ONEgroup/Miessence have the right to cancel any order(s) that double up on discounts due to system malfunction.


ONEgroup/Miessence products cannot be modified in any way for resale or distribution.
For proper care and disposal of ONEgroup/Miessence goods, please contact Miessence Customer Service Department for guidance.


ONEgroup/Miessence reserves the rights to immediately discontinue supplying/selling to any customer(s) without reason(s).


All ONEgroup/Miessence product images and product copy are subject to copyright and are the property of ONEgroup/Miessence. Any images or material published on a private or public forum by the customer(s) containing any ONEgroup/Miessence products may be used by ONEgroup/Miessence for publications, presentations, paid media or any other form of company advertising.


These terms and conditions may be amended or replaced from time to time by ONEgroup/Miessence. Any order placed after such amendments will be bound by the new amended terms and conditions.


Thereby the customer(s) placing an order using the ONEgroup/Miessence 'Shop & Save' wholesale price structure, the customer(s) thereby acknowledges and agrees to the terms and conditions set out by ONEgroup/Miessence.