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Raw & Cold Processed 100% Beneficial Formulas: 100% Active Ingredients

From the very beginning when we became the world’s first certified organic skin care range, our aim has been to assist people in achieving harmony and balance in their lives. 
Our policy of using only 100% natural and organic ingredients stems from our belief that only pure products, certified to independent third party organic standards and that are completely free of all impurities and toxic synthetics can achieve this. 

With a base of certified organic aloe vera juice (and not water) Miessence products contain 100% potent, active, beneficial ingredients with no fillers or bulking agents. 
They are cold-formulated in order to protect the potency, vitality and freshness of each ingredient ensuring bio-available nutrients are delivered to your skin for maximum effect.


It’s much more than skin deep.

Your skin is your largest organ and essentially what you put on it, ends up inside your body.  What’s more, studies have found that the face has several times the absorption rate as the rest of the body with even higher rates for underarms and genitalia.* So for both immediate and long term health benefits, it’s wise to choose wisely what you put onto your skin.

When you see an ingredient listed on the front of a label, the most important thing is to turn the bottle around and read the ingredient list.

By using this biochemist rule of thumb, you will get a good idea of how much of each ingredient is actually in a product.

The top third of listed ingredients makes up between 90-95% of the product.

The middle third makes up 5-8%, and the bottom third makes up 1-3%.

Have fun and be careful when choosing what you put both on and into your body.